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About SkyServer

SkyServer brings you the entire public database of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey free of charge. The site includes a variety of Tools to view and download SDSS data, and Projects that let you use these data to learn science. Teachers, you are welcome to use and adapt our projects in your classes - click here to find out how.

SkyServer is currently hosting the SDSS's Data Release 16 (DR16). For more information on the data, see the About SDSS section. For technical details on how SkyServer works, follow one of the links below:

Site Map gives you a diagram of SkyServer's web tree

SkyServer Paper is a paper (published in 2002 in the ACM SIGMOD proceedings) that describes the SkyServer web site, database structure, content, and usage

CiSE Papers describes papers published in a special issue of Computing in Science and Engineering (CiSE) in 2008 devoted to the SDSS Science Archive.

Site Traffic tracks hits to the SkyServer site since April 29, 2003 is a new support site for SkyServer that includes information on how to build your own version of the site

About the SDSS gives an overview of the SDSS project and leads you to more detailed information about the survey and the data.

Credits lists all the sponsors, organizations and people who have contributed to bringing SDSS and the SkyServer to you.

SkyServer Team is a look at the SkyServer development team.